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  • Our products is made of plastic,BPA-free
  • The Lids are designed very tight. Ideal for fridge use or solid food. Note: This is not entirely leakage-proof
  • They’re easy to clean and durable to last
  • Product Certification: FDA,LFGB

  • Item No. : YLBB22
  • Size: 245*150*50mm
  • Material: Food Grade PP
  • Private Label Service: Available

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3 Compartment Plastic Lunch Box

  • Safe+reusable: Made of safe food grade PP materials, can be used many times, use these bento boxes rather than disposable meal prep containers to help save the earth environment.
  • Easy to open lids: Sealed bento box, the lids are easy to open and close for kids and toddlers, stackable in your lunch bag with leakproof design.(Not for water)
  • 3 compartments meal prep containers: The divided bento boxes are designed to separete different food and snacks, keep a healthy balanced diet.
  • Lightweight and stackable: Lighter than other bento boxes, stackable and save room, good options for adults/kids to go work,school, travel.
  • Safe for microwave, dishwasher & refrigerator: Please release the lids when microwaving, and no more than 3 minutes for heating, the bento boxes should be top rack washed in dishwasher, also easy to clean with hands washing.

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1.Can kids open these easily? 
Answer:Too easily. The lids don't stay on well at all. I need to secure the lid in place with a rubber band or they fall off.
2.Anyone else having trouble with lids staying on ???
Answer:If you push down in the center, between the three compartments, the lid easily clicks on and stays put. If you don't do this step, then you'll have problems like some others mention. You have to wait for the click, and then you're golden.
3.Are these snack containers bpa Free?
Answer:Yes, they are very easy to clean up an just fine in the dishwasher.
4.Are they air tight?
Answer:The bento lunch containers do well in airtightness, and the lids are easy to open and close for toddlers.

5.Is Bento Lunch Box durable?
Yes, the bento meal prep containers are made with PP, durable for long time use.
6.What are the dimensions of Bento Container?
3 compartments-9.5*6.0*2.8 in,2.5 + 3/4 + 1/2 CUPS

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