Long Non-Slip Glove Barbecue Double Silicone Oven Mitts

  • Made with BPA-free and chemical-free food grade material
  • Temperature resistant -40 to 220 degrees Celsius /- 104 to 446 Fahrenheit
  • Reusable,easy clean,safe to use in Microwave, Dishwashers,Fridge
  • Product Certification: FDA,LFGB

  • Item No. : YLSG08
  • Size: 13.7*5.12inch
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone + Cotton
  • Private Label Service: Available

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Long Non-Slip Glove Barbecue Double Silicone Oven Mitts

  • Cotton/Silicone



  • EXCELLENT HEAT RESISTANCE. The oven mitts is made of BPA Free silicone, heat-resistant from -104℉to 446℉. Environmentally Friendly, security and durable.


  • DUAL-LAYER DESIGN: This BBQ gloves is designed with an outer silicone glove and inner heat-resistant cotton layer, comfortable and moisture wicking,
  • maximize your heat protection from grill and oven temperatures.


  • LONG SLEEVE and ROPE DESIGN: This cooking gloves is with a long sleeve to protect your wrist and arm and glove cuff is designed with a rope so that the glove can be hanged on a hook when not in use, easier to store and saves more room for kitchen.


  • NON-SLIP DESIGN: Texture on the surface of the waterproof gloves provides a NON-SLIP protection, never worry about falling when pick up food or something else.


  • Double-material Design: Heat protective from -104℉ to 446℉ silicone on the outside and a soft lnner cotton on the inside,not only defense against steam,hot liquids and heat,but aslo is soft enough on the inside that they don't rub.Also A perfect balance of protection and comfort.


  • Extra Length:13.7 inches length is enough to protect your fingers, hands, wrists and forearm.when cooking, baking,pot-holding, smoker grill handling.Don't need to worry about burning youself.


  • Non-slip Design: Cute heart pattern on grilling gloves surface provide a non-slip protection, and finger are flexible enough to hold little kitchen utensils.
  • Special Cuff: The cotton cuff is designed with a loop. When not in use, you can be hanged your oven gloves on a hook.Not only save your home space, but also more easy to dry gloves.


  • Washability : Apply dish soap and rub the grilling gloves until each "finger" covered soap.Then turn on the faucet to wash it. The inner of bbq oven gloves can be take on and off. If inner gets dirty or wet,you can take it out to wash or dry.

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You May Want to ask:


1.  would these fit a larger mans hands? ? 
Answer: I don't think they would fit a larger man's hands. I wear a size 6.5 glove (medium-small woman's) and the fingers are just about long enough. The actual finger and thumb holes are roomier, but I wouldn't want them any snugger. They're great gloves, sorry I can't be more positive for you.
2.Is the lining 100% cotton?
Answer: Yes. The lining is very soft 100% cotton.  the gloves are completely lined and very comfortable. I love these gloves. They prevent burns while getting hot pans in and out of the oven.
3. Could you turn these inside out to wash the cotton liner??
Answer: Yes. You turn inside out, just run water on them using mild soap (hand wash) & cold water only & let them air dry. I have 2 pairs of these gloves & nothing gets through to the inside because of the silicone. Do not put in washer or dryer.
4.  How do you recommend cleaning these gloves??
Answer:  I've used regular dish soap and warm water with my hands in them (rubbing them together) to clean the exterior, then let them to air dry..

5.Can you use them to turn meat over on the barbecue?
Answer: Yeah if that's your thing. I prefer a decent pair of long tongs for steaks and solid meats, a metal spatula for burgers, and a very thin turner for fish. But if you are wrestling a half a pig or the better part of a cow out of a fire these will protect your hands. I've used them to pull screaming hot 500+ deg (F) cast iron pans out from the broiler and had no problems, so unless you have found a way to get meat anywhere near that temp you'll be fine with <200 deg (F) squishy things. They have grippy heart shaped nubbins but they can get slippery if they get too greasy. Hot water and detergent fixes that right up. They have a nice soft fabric interior that I've never gotten wet; too afraid it would ruin the insulating ability of the gloves

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