Silicone Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Strainers

  • Our tea strainers are made from a contracted food grade silicone and sturdy stainless steel. It does not stink and does not give off any silicone flavor
  • The filter is suitable for the preparation of black tea and herbal tea as well as fruit tea. The lasered and thus extremely fine stainless steel filter prevents annoying residues in the drink
  • The tea maker leaves nothing to be desired
  • The flower pot serves as a container for used tea bags or for the tea egg! A great and pretty idea for all tea lovers and flower children

  • Item No. : YLTS02
  • Size: 12.5*3.5cm
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone + 304 Stainless Steel
  • Private Label Service: Available

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Tea Infuser

  • FEATURES: Tea Infuser comes with a separate silicone drip tray to rest your tea infuser ensuring everything is kept safe, healthy and clean.Tea infusers are perfect for every moment, whether it is a good cup alone or for afternoon tea with your friends.


  • MATERIAL: Silica gel has a very stable performance,its material is delicate and flexible; repeated twisting, salad, no deformation, instantly restore the original appearance. Detachable filter makes it easy to brew with and clean.


  • SMALL HOLES: Stainless Steel ball's holes design reduces floats and tea debris in your mug and unwanted leaves floating in your cup. Without worrying about unwanted debris falling into your cup. Clean, fresh, savory tasting tea so you can enjoy every bit of your tea time.


  • EASY TO USE: Pop off the leaf top; Spoon your loose leaf tea into the stainless steel cup; Close the top back on; Place the infuser in your tea cup; Pour hot water. After a time, you can taste sweet tea.



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You May Want to ask:


1.How large are the holes?does it work for fine loose leaf tea?
Answer:That is one of the things I love. It is a VERY TINY mesh hole. I use loose leaf tea and one of the problems with the infuser I had, This one has no leakage. You can barely see the holes they are so fine. 
2.Are these individually packaged for gift giving?
Answer:You can separate then and wrap them individually if you wish but they will not ship separately.
3.Are these dishwasher-safe?
Answer:Yes they are, I would suggest top rack only for the silicone top part.
4.How do you clean it after each use? How do you remove the tea leaves?
Answer:Scoop out the tea leaves and rinse under running water. Or. you can let the used tea leaves dry and just shake them out.

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