Yongli Clip On Strainer Silicone Pasta Strainer Clip on Food Strainer for for All Pots and Pans

【Perfect Food Strainer】 Easily attach a strainer to the pot with two sturdy clips. The clip-on strainer will keep the food in the pot throughout the straining process, eliminating the hassle of transferring food between strainer and pot.


【Soft Silicone & Heat Resitant】Silicone clip-on strainer is made of safe silicone. Silicone pasta strainer can stand the temperatures 230°, and will not break, burn or melt over time.


【Universal Design 】The clip-on strainer can fit nearly all round pots, pans, and big and small bowls (including lipped bowls). Please ensure it’s clamped tightly before draining.


【Easy to Clean】Silicone strainer has a convenient heat-resistant silicone colander, you can simply rinse with warm water and soap, or just put it in a dishwasher.

  • Item No: : YLBC02
  • Size : : 240 x 135 x 130mm, 85g
  • Material : : Silicone
  • Private Label Service: Available

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Yongli Clip On Strainer Silicone Pasta Strainer Clip on Food Strainer for for All Pots and Pans

Fine Tiny Mesh Pot Strainer:Small mesh perfectly fit tiny small food, allows easy straining and pouring of water and juices from ground beef grease, tuna fish, tomatoes and other foods, the strainer has two clamps that fit nicely on the pan, and it speeds cooking.

High-Quality Materials: Pasta strainer is made of food-grade silicone and is durable, its clamps are covered with silicone, so it won't scratch your pan, it can withstand high temperatures without scorching and damaging your pans, so it can drain hot oil and hot water.

Easy to Use: Snaps onto most of pots and bowls with two sturdy clips, can be used to filter liquids from pasta, ground beef, vegetables, fruits and other foods, for traditional colander, you may have to put the food from pot into the colander af first, after strain the water, then put food from colander to pot again, the silicone strainer can be used directly.

Widely Used: This compact disc strainer is suitable for most round pans and bowls, it is easy to use and store, requires three quarters less space than conventional strainer, and is ideal for working in limited counter space, we can use it in family gatherings, outings, picnics.

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You May Want to ask:

Can you strain hot oil with this, like after browning hamburger meat?
Answer:Yes! I've strained grease from hamburger to the hot water from pasta. Works great!

will it scratch non-stick pots?
Answer:It will not. The clips are covered with silicone which will not scratch your pan's interior.

Does it work on frying pans?
Answer:As long as the pot is a regular round shape, it it should work.

What is the green tool that comes with the strainer?
Answer:The green tool 'is' the strainer. It's all one piece. Would not recommend this product if you have no-drip pots (the top of the pot has a bend to stop drips) as it doesn't work with this kind of pot.

How hot can this clip on strainer handle? Can it withstand hot grease briefly?
Answer:Dear Friend, Our Silicone Food Strainer can withstand high temperature of 230°C, temperature range: -40° ~ 230°

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