Yongli Cooking Gloves Heat Resistant Silicone Kitchen Hand Gloves

  • Made with BPA-free and chemical-free food grade material
  • Temperature resistant -40 to 220 degrees Celsius /- 104 to 446 Fahrenheit
  • Reusable,easy clean,safe to use in Microwave, Dishwashers,Fridge
  • Product Certification: FDA,LFGB

  • Item No. : YLSG09
  • Size: 370*190m
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone + Cotton
  • Private Label Service: Available

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Yongli Cooking Gloves Heat Resistant Silicone Microwave Kitchen Hand Gloves

  • Heat Resistant - Our silicone oven mitts are heat safe up to 500°F, offering maximum hand, wrist, and forearm protection. The flame retardant silicone won't catch fire or melt when used near a flame. Worry less while working over hot flames, ovens, stoves, or grills. The premium inner cotton lining adds an extra layer of protection and comfort.
  • Extra Long - Sili Mitts oven gloves are 14.75” inches long and comfortably fit a forearm of 10" inches in circumference. The added length of our kitchen mitts will keep you protected from fingertips to forearms so you can grip pots, pans, and cookware without the worry of scalds or burns.
  • Waterproof and Steam Protection - This pair of heat resistant oven mitts have a completely waterproof silicone outer shell. Effectively prevent steam scalds while cooking on the stovetop or draining boiled pasta. Safely and easily retrieve food like boiled corn or lobster from a hot boiling pot of water.
  • Non-Slip Grip - The textured nonskid pattern on both sides of the oven mitt helps you hold on without hindering your natural grip or sacrificing dexterity. These hot pads and oven mitts are flexible, breathable, and comfortable, offering the best control and stability holding hot, slick, or heavy items.
  • Easy to Clean and Store - Made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, our black oven mitts are stain resistant and very easy to clean with warm water and a little soap. For big stains these heavy duty oven mitts can also be machine washed on a gentle cycle and won't tear or fray over time. The attached loops on the side of the mitts allow you to easily hang them on cabinets and hooks, so you always have them within reach.

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You May Want to ask:


1.Are these washable?? 
Answer: Yes, they are washable. You can clean the waterproof silicone mitts with just soap and warm water, right in the kitchen sink. Then wipe dry or hang them from the convenient attached loop. Although our mitts are tough enough to withstand the machine washing, we recommend you attempt the gentler hand-washing approach.
2. Are the mitts BPA-free??
Answer:  yes, our Silicone Oven Mitts are made from FDA food grade silicone and are BPA free.


3. I need for a bakery not home use, are they good enough.Do they hold the heat in, as some do, I need to keep heat out?
Answer:Yes,  They are awesome. Wife got tired of getting burnt with damp cloth pot holders
4. Are these hard to put on? I have osteoarthritis in both my thumbs, and have a hard time putting on gloves because of the pain.?
Answer: Amazingly easy to wear and the length protects your forearms. Your hands will easily fit into the mitts with no aggravation to the osteoarthritis


5. Can you use these to turn a hot turkey from breast side down to breast side up??
Answer: The high quality silicone that we have chosen for these oven mitts makes them extremely heat resistant yet flexible enough for them to be comfortable. You can certainly try using them for what you are wanting to do. The little bit of extra length makes it much easier to pull out hot items from the oven without burning your forearms. The oven mitts really do a great job of resisting the heat and they are such a breeze to clean.
6. Can these mitts be used for BBQ, or just a kitchen mitten??
Answer : These oven mitts are good for kitchen cooking, baking and bbq. 

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